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Treatment results

Myalgic Encephalopathy/Encephalomyelitis
Treatment results

What I tried (and still try) and helps either short-term or long-term



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- 1st session only Ayahuasca
- 2nd and 3rd session combined with Rebirthing

Rebirthing makes the process much easier, but it also worked in the first session, without Rebirthing.
(Though it took much longer and was way more painful!)

What is Ayahuasca?
Ayahuasca (Wikipedia)
ALL of them completely disappeard. 100%, total recovery for a few hours!
This is how spontaneous remission probably feels!
It happened all the 3 times during my 3 journeys in two weeks.
Each and every time I experienced complete recovery with ALL symptoms:

- brainfog
- muscle weakness
- fatigue
- sore eyes
- sore ears
- sinusitis
- general malaise

All of them fully disappeared!

It seems more and more that ME/CFS could be regarded as an altered state of consciousness, or more precise: sometimes it seems to be an altered state of UNconsciousness - due to all the brainfog!

Psychedelics are well known to alter one's state of consciousness; however it is interesting that it changed my being into total health, if only for a few hours.
How do psychedelics like ayahuasca (but also others like the psilocybin-mushroom) 'knows' how to do that?

It showed me clearly that within there is a totally healthy core, whereas before (between the onset of ME/CFS in January 2000 until beginning of 2005 it felt like my INNERMOST CORE is very sick as well - not just my body, but my emotions, my consciousness, my soul!)


In this context see also the fascinating healing story of Max Rivers.

(combined with Rebirthing)

100% legal Psilocybin -
Magic Mushrooms (from Switzerland)
(Unfortunately out of stock at the moment...I keep you updated!)

What is Psilocybin?
Psilocybin (Wikipedia)

"...Fresh or dried Psilocybe mushrooms have in the psychedelic circles the reputation of the gentlest and smoothest mind-altering substance available.

They haveoften been recommended as an ideal means of introducing neophytes into the world of psychedelic experiences..."

The adventure of self-discovery by Dr. Stanislav Grof
(The best description of the many positive effects of rebirthing, and an essay about nearly all altered states a human being can experience! Highly recommendable!)

    You can literally watch how psilocybin 'fights the bugs'...!

As the mushroom contains Psilocybin and Psilocin, both of which will be digested by the stomach acids into DMT; it works somewhat similar to ayahuasca - except that the taste is way better...
And it has been used in Europe for thousands of years.

As I have learned, the 'digestion-process' in the brain happens as following:

Whey Protein > Tryptophan > 5HTP > Serotonin > Melatonin > Pinoline > 5-MeO-DMT > DMT
(Can anybody confirm this?)

Does that mean, one could increase the healing properties of psilocybin by ingesting whey protein, tryptophan or 5HTP, or even melatonin?
How about using kefir or just raw milk insted of whey protein?

und, da Psilocybin nichts anderes ist als DMT mit einem zusätzlichen Sauerstoff-molekül ist, führe ich im moment eine intensiv-therapie mit psilocybin-haltigen pilzen durch.

Die ersten erfahrungen damit (ca. 5 trips alles zusammen) zeigen das der pilz buchstäblich gegen die krankeit (z.b. gegen die viren und bakterien) kämpft. Ich muss husten und spucken, manchmal für stunden.

Dann lösen sich die sinushöhlen, die bei mir praktisch immer verstopft sind. (alles untersymptome vom cfs) Häufig ist der ganze prozess von bildern von dämonen und anderen dunklen gestalten begleitet. Es scheinen symbole der krankheit (oder der verschiedenen krankheiten) in meinem körper zu sein.

Es gilt also diese 'entitäten' vollständing aus meinem körper rauszubringen. (wahrscheinlich auch aus meinem mentalen/emotionalen und spirituellen körper)


(Far-infrared sauna /

IRST = Far InfraRed Sauna Technolog - yahoo discussion group

What is an Infrared Sauna?
Infrared Sauna (Wikipedia)

Infrarot-Sauna soll helfen bei:
- Dehnbarkeit des Gewebes
- Muskel-verspannungen
- Infrarot Wärme lindert Schmerzen
- Stimuliert Blutzirkulation
- Erhöhung des Blutdruckes
- Arthritis
- Hautkrankheiten
- Blutzirkulation
- Schmerzlinderung
many symptoms, though especially chronic sinusitis and fibromyalgia symptoms.

Treatment result:
Emotionally I feel up to 50% better, at least for a few hours, after each session. Therefore I recommend using it in the morning, so you have the greatest chance of feeling better for the whole day.

Die Wirkung Wirkung eines Infrarot-Wärmesystems
(Von Dr. Aaron M. Flickstein, Edina MN 55439, USA)

...Heilung durch Handauflegung, die in China eine 3000 Jahre alte Tradition hat, basiert zum Teil auf der heilenden Wirkung der natürlichen Infrarot-Strahlung. Der Menschliche Körper sendet durch die Haut infrarote Strahlen von 3 - 50 Mikrometern mit einem mittleren Wert von 9 Mikrometern...
...Die Wärmeelemente im Infrarot-Wärmesystem breiten ein Drittel ihrer Kapazität im mittleren Wellenbereich mit 2 - 5.6 Mikrometern aus, die restlichen zwei Drittel werden im Bereich
5.6 - 25 Mikrometern
abgegeben, was für tiefere Durchdringung wesentlich ist...Chinesische Forscher halten die Wellenbereiche von
2 - 25 Mikrometer
für die therapeutisch am effektivsten...

Die Infrarot-Wärmestrahlung kann durch die Tiefenwärme ein erheblich höheres Schweissvolumen bewirken als die herkömmliche Sauna, obwohl sie anstelle von 85-100° C im wesentlich niedrigeren und verträglicheren Temperaturbereich von 50-65° C arbeitet.
Risikofaktoren durch Gefässverengung werden hierdurch erheblich reduziert, das kreislaufbelastende Einatmen von sehr heisser Luft vermieden. Es kann sogar während der Nutzung frische, kühlere Atemluft zugeführt werden, ohne dass die intensive Schweissbildung beeinträchtigt wird.

Es gibt bei Infrarotsystemen einen wichtigen Punkt: Wenn Fett über Schweiss ausgeschieden wird, nimmt es Schwermetalle mit, die der Körper nicht über die Niere oder Lunge ausscheiden kann. Hierzu ist Tiefenwärme vorteilhaft. Infrarot-Wärmesysteme sind deshalb sehr empfehlenswert, da sie dazu beitragen, im Körperfett abgelagerte Schwermetalle abzubauen und den Körper von Giftstoffen zu befreien.


Also called:
- Breathwork
- Holotropic Breathing
- Vivation

What is Rebirthing?
Jump to the rebirthing-entry in the ME/CFS database
all symptoms
+ 10% up to
+ 50%
(results usually
last between 1 to 4 hours only, but sometimes up to 3 days!)

Very good explanation on how to do rebirthing here:

(...Breathing is vital to our health. To have a full life and to be in our full power, we need to breathe fully.
Conscious connected breathing, otherwise known as Rebirthing Breathwork, is a simple, gentle and powerful breathing technique that helps us to find out and remove whatever gets in the way of our breathing.
Possible side effects are all beneficial and include eliminating obstacles to health and bliss; our natural state...)

Success depends on how long I do it. Sometimes I give up after 15 minutes, as I get too tired, or my body gets to tense.
However, it is supposed to take up to 1 hour or even more -
the longer you do it, the greater the release and integration of the suppressed 'stuff'!

Most of the time you will feel just wonderful after the process.
The longer you do the rapid connected breath, the better the results.

Rebirthing combined with
psychedelic therapy
all symptoms   If combined with other methods (as psychedelic therapy e.g) it potentiates and intensifies the experience enormously!

At the moment (August 2005) I consider psychedelic therapy combined with rebirthing the strongest method to change one's mental, emotional and physical state short-term.

Whether this is also true for a long-term outlook (healing of ME/CFS remains to be tested.) I will keep you updated!
Binaural Beats

What are Binaural Beats?
Binaural Beats (Wikipedia)
Soon to come



What I tried already and actually really helped longterm.


Product/ Medication


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(Tea and used traditionally as the whole rhizome in Thai food)
+ 95%

Fresh ginger, if possible organically grown, helps miraculously against dizziness! Dried ginger might be worth a try as well, as some of the chemicals change by drying.

Ginger (Wikipedia) (See 'Medical uses')

Change in Diet Sore stomach
+ 85%
I realised that eating lot's of acidic fruits is very detrimental to a healthy stomach. The less fruits I eat, the better my stomach feels.
Magnetic Field Therapy Fibromyalgia
+ 95%
Used it daily, over a period of 1 month.
First did not notice anything; 2 weeks after using it I suddenly realized:
The muscle/joint - pain is nearly totally gone!
However, the extreme fatiuge and all the other symptoms (Brain-fog, photophobia and all the flu-like symptoms) unfortunately remained.

What is magnetic field therapy? Good explanation here: (German)

Magnet therapy (Wikipedia)
(See also transcranial magnetic stimulation, which might also be of great interest for the treatment of ME-CFIDS.)


Fire-Walking Anxiety / Panic
+ 70%

I had my firewalking-session on an Anthony Robbins Seminar in 2001
Warning: I agree with most of his ideas and teachings except
(Why? Check out's advaita and non-duality-site)

After this firewalking-session a tremendous amount of inexplicable feelings of anxiety and panic just disappeard. This is still true today, 5 years after the session!

Firewalking (Wikipedia)

What I tried already and did NOT work, or only very minor improvement, or even deterioration.

Product / Medication / Therapy

Latin and/or foreign name



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Standard Medication
        Details / Links

Made me extremely nervous and sleepless.
As if I had 20 cups of coffees!

Made me nervous/ tense

- Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, C, Biotin, Acid. folic.
- Nicotinamid, Acid. pantothenic
- (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc)
      o Roche Pharma
Mg5-Oraleff (Magnesium-präparat)

o Vifor Fribourg
Lipoic Acid (R-Alpha)

Coenzyme in the citric acid cycle       o Metagenics
N Acetyl Carnitine
Acetyl-levo-carnitine hydrochloride
      o Metagenics
Rhinomer (Nasenhöhlen-spülung) 3-force
0.9% Natrii chloridum
Steriles, isotonic Meerwasser
      o Novartis consumer health, Bern
Ichthraletten Natriumbituminosulfonat       o ICHTHYOL-Gesellschaft, Cordes, Hermanni & Co.
22335 Hamburg, Germany
Bio-Logos - Hydroxocobalaminum
- L-O-Phosphothreonium
- L-Glutaminum
- L-O-Phosphoserinum
- L-Arginini monohydrochlor.
      o Sigma-Tau Pharma AG, 4800 Zofingen, Switzerland
Homeopathic Medication
Details / Links
Fortakehl Penicillium roquefortii D5  
o Sanum, 27316 Hoya, Germany
Mucokehl Mucor racemosus D5  
o Sanum, 27316 Hoya, Germany
Exmykehl (Zäpfchen) Candida albicans D3
Candida parapsilosis D3
Penicillium roqueforti D3
o Sanum, 27316 Hoya, Germany
Quentakehl Penicillium glabrum D4  
o Sanum, 27316 Hoya, Germany
Propionibacterium Propionibacterium avidum D5  
o Sanum, 27316 Hoya, Germany
Aspergillus Aspergillus niger D5  
o Sanum, 27316 Hoya, Germany
Peyer'sche Plaques Peyer'sche Plaques D4  
o Sanum, 27316 Hoya, Germany
Borrelia Nos. Sdf. Flüssig Verdünnung zur Injektion Against lyme-borreliose-virus
o Holomed, 7630 Ootmarsum, Holland
Borrelia Borrelia Nos. Sdf. D6
Borrelia Nos. Sdf. D30
      o Stauffen Pharma, Göppingen, Germany
- Interleukin I,
- Interferon Alpha,
- Interferon Gamma,
- Tum.Necr.Fact.Alpha,
- Desoxyribonucleic (ADN)
Against epstein-barr-virus with immune-hyper-reactivity
+ 20%

During the first 2 weeks of intake seemed to help a bit, in that I kind of remembered how it feels to be healthy again, though in no way I was healthier!
o Labo'life, 5004 Namur, Belgium
o orthomolekulare therapie (?)

- Acid.Nucleic. Specif.SNA-HER1,
- Acid. Nucleic.Specif.SNA-HER2
Against herpes-virus with immune-hyper-reactivity
+ 20%

During the first 2 weeks of intake seemed to help a bit, in that I kind of remembered how it feels to be healthy again, though in no way I was healthier!
o Labo'life, 5004 Namur, Belgium
o orthomolekulare therapie (?)

- Infektionen
- Milchschorf
- Eczema
- Sepsis
- Psoriasis

o Phönix Laboratorium GmbH, 71149 Bondorf

- Leberinsuffizienz
- Parenchymschäden
- Fermentstörungen
o Phönix Laboratorium GmbH, 71149 Bondorf
- Nierenprobleme
- Erkältungen
o Phönix Laboratorium GmbH, 71149 Bondorf
- Entgiftung der Leber
- Normalisierung des Gallensekrets
- Anregend für Darm-muskulatur
now using!
o Phönix Laboratorium GmbH, 71149 Bondorf
  - Lösung der Toxine über die Haut und Schleimhaut.
now using!
o Phönix Laboratorium GmbH, 71149 Bondorf
Schnupfen Nr.3
- Cinnabaris (Hydrargyr.sulfur.rubr.) D10
- Kalium bichromicum D8
- Luffa operculata D8 ana partes
o Similasan AG, 8916 Jonen, Switzerland
Esoteric Therapies
Details / Links
Pranic Healing    
pranic-healing . com
NLP / Motivation Seminar    
TCM, Acupuncture, Moxibustion    
- 10%
During 8 consultations I often felt dizzy, it was just generally unpleasant. The practising doctors spoke only Chinese, Translation was akward!
Details / Links
o Dr. A.Vogel
o Bioforce in Roggwil
Remotiv Hyperici herba 250mg
Hypericin 0.50mg
o Zeller

Myrrhinil-Intest - Myrrhe (100 mg)
- Kammillenblüten (70 mg)
- Kaffeekohle (50 mg)
gegen entzündliche und
infektiöse Darm-
3 x 2 tablets daily
o Repha GmbH, 30855 Langenhagen, Germany
Thymus zygis
Weisses Thymian-Oel.
100% echtes Wasserdampfdestillat.
Inhalation :
Gives somewhat of a relief against my Chronic nasal congestion, but only short-term (for about 2 - 4 hours)
o Elixan, Switzerland